Bible Reading

To hear from God, we MUST read His Word. Trans-formation happens to us when we read The Bible and this is the power of the text; it is unlike any other writing in the universe.

The following two plans are to assist you in reading God’s Word regularly.

The 5 year plan is a Chronological plan (text ordered by age as agreed by many scholars). It does not have readings for Saturday’s or Sunday’s as these are catch up days. Furthermore, if a day specifies a long chapter, e.g. Ps 119, there will be no readings for a few days following so that you can sub divide the chapter yourself over the days.

The two year plan has an Old Testament and a New Testament reading per day. There will be no readings for Sat or Sun as these will be catch up days.

Each month will be published as the years progress.

Read The Bible in 2 Years starting 1st Jan 2021

Read The Bible in 5 Years starting 1st Jan 2021